100 hand drawn 24x24px rocks.
Each original rock has only one 24px version.

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10 hand drawn punk rocks.
When two historical giants meet...

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100 rocks for your MoonCats

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To EtherRocks, CryptoPunks and all the Cats:
Respect. But no affiliation.

Who are we?

A couple of designers in and curious about the future of the NFT space. We’re also the creators of 24px Rocks.

Is it a real rock?

What do you mean, “real”? :) Okay. Well, you can’t throw them or skip them. But they exist and are verifiable in the blockchain. Punk Rocks are 24x24px variants on the original Ether Rock project but not part of that collection.

How did the sale go?

We sold our initial 24px Rocks series using a bonding curve pricing structure similar to the one pioneered by the OG Ether Rock project. 24px Rocks started selling at 0.03 eth and sold out at 0.1 eth. In the first 30 hours we sold 84 of 100 24px Rocks. Rck ID #87 is reserved for Justin Sun. The remaining 15 have been set aside for use in building the community.

Devs? Roadmap? Wen moon?

We and our dev friends have some ideas, but the future of Punk Rocks is entirely up to the shifting NFT space and the NFT community.

Do you like cats?

Why, yes. We do like cats.